Growing Need For Male Family Caregivers

When we think of caregivers, women usually come to mind. However it is becoming increasingly common for men to become caregivers either for spouse or their parents. 65% of seniors rely heavily on family and friends for their care needs. Women have been providing informal care to their families and friends. Women as caregivers account … Read more Growing Need For Male Family Caregivers

Traveling After Retirement

Majority of people look forward to their retirement years. A time when they won’t have to dread going to work and instead can accomplish things that they may only have dreamed about. Retirement doesn’t mean sitting at couch and watching tv all day long. Now-a-days retired individuals get to enjoy the same activities that they … Read more Traveling After Retirement

Healthy Lifestyle For Seniors

EXERCISE Seniors can remain healthy with proper diet and exercise. Caregivers play a vital role in assisting seniors to get proper nutrition, develop healthy habits and provide companion care. Become More Active Exercise plays an important role in keeping seniors healthy. It could be as simple as going for a walk or using exercise equipment. … Read more Healthy Lifestyle For Seniors