Fall Prevention For Seniors At Home- Bedroom and Bathroom

BEDROOM Rugs – It’s best to remove the rugs from the bedroom as they create a tripping hazard. By removing them, chances for fall/injury can be greatly reduced. Clutter – Remove clutter from the room, items such as clothes and furniture. Clothes or any loose items should not be on the floor. Donate old clothes … Read more

Winter Indoor Activities for Seniors

  Depression increases during winter months for seniors due to limited social interactions and difficulty in going or staying outside due to harsh climate. About 6 million people are affected by depression and it tends to increase during winter months. Depression can include health risks including the risk of death. Symptoms of depression include;   … Read more

Glaucoma in Seniors

Glaucoma is also known as “sneaky theft of sight” (glaucoma.org). It is the second leading cause of blindness. Seniors are especially at risk and few people know about it. Usually glaucoma doesn’t has symptoms but that doesn’t mean it can be ignored. If left untreated, glaucoma can cause vision loss and eventually blindness. What is … Read more

Understanding Thyroid Health In Seniors

  January is a thyroid awareness month. It’s important for seniors to understand about thyroid health as many live with undiagnosed thyroid problems. These problems can further exacerbate other health issues in seniors. Having basic information about thyroid health will help seniors protect their health against the effects and risks of the disease. So what … Read more

Loneliness in seniors and elderly

According to U.S Census Bureau “America’s elderly population is now growing at a moderate pace. But not too far into the future, the growth will become rapid. So rapid, in fact, that by the middle of the next century, it might be completely inaccurate to think of ourselves as a Nation of the young: there … Read more