How to Build An Active Social Life During Golden Years

Being a senior comes with it’s own sets of challenges. You may have lost your closest family members or friends or you may have moved to a new city. It could be that you may have a physical disability that prevents you to go out and enjoy. You may miss your work schedule from your … Read more

Smart Home Devices For Seniors

Technology has come a long ways in improving the quality of our lives more so now than ever before. Current technologies are advancing at an amazing pace. With people living longer, there is more need for seniors and disabled individuals to harness the power of technology in everyday lives. These technologies may play a critical … Read more

How Technology is Helping Seniors Today?

Often seniors have been portrayed as individuals who haven’t warmed up to the idea of incorporating technology in their every days lives. Today seniors are using technology to improve their lives, to help with every day tasks, medication reminders or transportation. According to Pew Research Center, “four in ten seniors now own smartphones, more than … Read more

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